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USF Presidential Search Launches July 1

June 30, 2016  |  Download

Dear USF Community,

On April 28, 2016, Dr. Mark Benedetto announced his retirement after serving 20 years as the President of the University of Sioux Falls. Under his leadership, our University has grown in size, strength, and prominence. Throughout his tenure, we have stayed true to our mission of fostering academic excellence in service to God and to the world.

Now, we face a milestone in our institutional history. A national search for our 23rd President will officially launch on July 1, 2016. I am honored to serve as Chair of the USF Presidential Search Committee, and I am excited to share with you the first of many updates on this process.

A Presidential search website has been developed to facilitate this search process. We believe the content contained therein prominently features our search for a qualified Christ-centered leader with a passion for Christian liberal arts higher education. This website has been designed to introduce visitors to our respected institution, communicate information about the Presidential search, provide updates relative to the search, and receive your input. We encourage you to browse this site. The “Your Input” link was created as a convenient way for you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.

In addition to the website, announcements of this opening will be made nationally utilizing online and print platforms, such as:

  • Chronicle of Higher Education – online and print
  • Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU)
  • The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC)
  • Christianity Today
  • Academic Search websites
  • Regional Newspapers

Although the website and announcements in key media outlets are important, we recognize that the University’s greatest resource is the members of the community itself. Therefore, we welcome your nominations for the position of President of the University of Sioux Falls. Please use the “Your Input” link on the website to provide us with the name and contact information of your nominee.

On behalf of the Presidential Search Committee, I look forward to providing you with regular updates regarding the search process. In addition to my updates posted on the website, campus opportunities will be available throughout the academic year as we continue to keep you updated and seek your wisdom, guidance, and prayers. With your help, we are confident the next President of the University of Sioux Falls will be a visionary leader who will inspire us to engage our future with zeal, one another with grace, and the world for His service.

Kindest regards,


Gretchen Hoffman, Ph.D.
Chair, USF Presidential Search Committee
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Sioux Falls